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Hand-Painted Home Decor

A new interpretation of the Portuguese tradition

The Saloia com Pinta is Portuguese, rustic and very fun!

Inspired by typically Portuguese colors and patterns, we create unique, cheerful and very colorful products!
In Saloia com Pinta, 'spreading dots of joy' is our motto and awakening the spirit Lusitano, our Mission.

Browse our products to know more about what we are talking about.
Each piece is unique, so we are always launching new ones.

Visit us regularly and do not hesitate to contact us to get a piece to your taste, full of dots, full of joy.

* Saloia is a figure from the beginning of the XIX century, coming from rural villages around Lisbon, which served the capital's wealthy families as laundress and sold groceries in fairs and markets. Aprons, shawls, and head scarves were colorful accessories, typical of her outfit.

We want to provoke emotions and fill hearts.

Testimonials from our customers:

Spreading dots of joy